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Welcome to Meonji and Daisy's Blog

Welcome to our blog! So glad you stopped by and checking us out. This is the picture from this year's Valentine's Day. We both dressed up and did some photo sessions. We listened to Mom well and posed but at after a long photo shooting, we got very tired. Mom enjoyed capturing our natural interactions....... Here are some those pictures:

Kiss for the Valentine's Day!

Dude, one peck is enough!

Striking more poses for mom........

Ugh.......I am so done, Meonji!

Are we done yet, mom?

We like to be dressed up not for the occasion but everyday! We are told that we are such a fashionista.......what's that? Anyway, we were asked to post and sell some of our cute clothes and mom set up a store on Facebook. And now, we officially start our own shop here on our blog site. Please check our store out here. We are very excited to share some of the very cute outfits and make you the cutest canine on the block in your neighborhood!

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