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How we started........

Hi! We are Meonji & Daisy.  The small one is me, Daisy, and I am assumed to be Pom-Chi or Long-haired Chihuahua.  My mom was told by the seller that I was a teacup Pomeranian but as I grew older, I started to have chihuahua traits so that's why we don't know what kind of a breed I am.  I came to my human mom's life as an emotional support dog at the age of 3 months.  My brother from another set of parents, Meonji, the Pomeranian, came to us needing an emotional support human in a forever home after he had been to two unstable homes by the age of 6 months.  Human mom, Meonji and I (Daisy) are inseparable ever since we met each other.  Meonji was born in April, 2019 and I was born in July 2019.  

We started this blog and an online shop site to share our everyday life story and our fashion with dog loving people and human loving dogs out there. We know how hard it is to find clothes for teacup and small breeds like us so we decided to start online store specializing them.  Please check our online store out because we are here to help you find some super cute outfits you don't find in the pet stores.  

We recently moved to a sleepy suburb somewhere in Washington from a big(?) city in Oregon.   We love this country feel, and we wake up to a beautiful pasture, horses and deers in our backyard every morning.  The best part is to get to bark at them playfully as much as we want, lol.

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